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We're Back in Production and Ready to Build Your Ultimate Dream Boat!

Your dreams, fully realized.

Whether you want a pure fishing machine or the built-in versatility to easily convert your boat for family fun, you'll find an almost unending list of options and features to choose from. You'll also have available to you a wealth of experience and expertise to assist you in determining the final configuration of your dream machine.

We encourage direct and active client participation throughout the construction process to:

  • Assure maximum functionality
  • Reflect your own ideas on appearance
  • Maximize your comfort and well-being
  • Assure your complete satisfaction

Efficiency is beautiful.

Island Runners are designed for maximum speed and efficiency. Beautifully balanced and constructed to slice nimbly through seas without requiring massive amounts of power. Perhaps best of all, the Island Runners will yield a surprisingly low fuel burn rate.

Efficiency doesn't end with high MPG, however. For us, efficiency also includes designing a boat that requires precious little time and energy to clean and maintain. Additionally, you will find that as a member of the Island Runner family of owners you have immediate access to the full service capabilities of the factory.

You'll enjoy a smooth and dry ride even when the seas start to pick up. You've chosen a boat that will take you out to sea and bring you back dependably and securely. You'll feel the confidence and satisfaction that comes with a decision well-made.

Island Runner introduced the first truly high-performance, top-quality center-console sportfishing machine way back at the The 1981 Miami International Boat Show.

early Island Runner

From that day forward, we have set and maintained a standard for mid-size, semi-custom open sportfishing boats.


Since 1981, we at Island Runner LLC have been committed to producing some of the most beautifully designed, carefully assembled and thoughtfully equipped semi-custom, high performance fishing boats available today. Each hull is backed by our ten-year transferable limited warranty, as well as a one-year "bow-to-stern" warranty.

With Island Runner, you will work directly with the factory to have your boat built to assure your complete satisfaction upon and after delivery. We work very hard to make sure that the only surprises our clients get when dealing with us are ones of deep satisfaction and pleasure. When you allow us to build a boat for you, you become a member of the family, and we'll always be there to support and assist you.